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Government Contracts

– An Introduction –

How to get Started in Government Contracting

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– Government Contracting For Beginners –

How to find government contracts for any business, anywhere in the country. Sources for Federal contracts, state contracts and local government contracts. Start your search here. Our easy to follow guide books with teach you everything you need to know in a hurry. Book One, Government Contracting Basics  starts out with the most common types of government solicitations: Bids and Quotes.  It shows you where to find government contracts, then how to prepare and submit them,  Actual examples of are included .

How to Prepare Winning Proposals.  This is Book Two, a beginner's guide to preparing the slightly more complex government Request for Proposals, (RFP's). It takes you through all the steps. Clearly written and easy to follow, it and cuts through all the jargon and confusion about government contracting. Unlike most books, it assumes you have no prior knowledge of government contracting.

Learn the basics in no time The best guide books out there. Simple, easy, no-nonsense instruction. Even agency officials have purchased our informative guides.

Shouldn't your business be involved in lucrative government contracting? Why wait? The government wants you to get involved. Only a small percentage of companies in America bid on government contracts! The profits are real, and the government always pays on time. Government contracts will make your business profitable and stable.

State and local government contracts are available for
any business anywhere in the country. Find out the many sources of government contracts that are currently available and looking for bidders.

Contract Help.  Got questions about government contracting? E-mail us your question.

government-contracting-basics-a beginners guide Government Contract Basics
A Beginner's Guide

Bids & Quotes

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how-to-write-winning-proposals -RFP's
How to Write
Winning Proposals

Reqest for Proposals

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